Welcome Back under the Stars

Welcome Back Under the Stars 2016

The Welcome Back Party under the Stars was a roaring success that drew an impressive blend of party-goers out on a slightly chilly January evening. Everyone brought something for the buffet table. The colossal variety of dishes, from appetizers to desserts, was outdone only by the remarkable culinary expertise on display.

A sizeable portion of the parking lot was roped off for the party. People found plenty of room for wandering around greeting friends as well as for dancing to a great variety of music provided by a Monterey favorite, "The Sophisticats". What a way to warm up! Everyone also enjoyed the chiminea, a charming addition to the ambience of the evening.

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Monterey DooWop Dance Party 2016

Monterey DooWop Dance Party 2016

Once again, a sell-out! With a name like DooWop for a dance party, you can expect no less. A fresh coat of paint on the Yacht Club walls and a generous representation of new faces coming through the door truly enlivened the atmosphere. Most of the crowd were dressed in 50's fashion, and all of the crowd spent most of the evening up and dancing, thanks to the magical persuasion of DJ's Carol and Ron. And oh - what a thrill to see Dave out on the dance floor with Terri and their charming rendition of "May I Have This Dance for the Rest of My Life."

A crowd favorite, "Let's have a Party" along with special guest performances by Angelina and Louigie, the Maraca Gedeons, and of course Elvis, carried the evening to its conclusion. Nobody wanted to quit dancing and go home.

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Halloween Dance Party 2015

MYACC Halloween 2015The Halloween costumes at Monterey consisted of very scary and even scarier outfits, including a flapper & Irish Leprechaun, a gorilla, a gangster and criminal, a  copa cabana showgirl, some hippies, plus a variety of spooky devils and goblins. Prizes for best costumes were awarded. First place went to Bill McIntyre dressed as a curvy playboy bunny, Rob Beanie the gorilla was second, and third place went to Marilyn Paul as a baby with a pacifier. Consolation prizes also went to Isabel Pendelton as Gilligan Islands Mary Ann and her daughter as a Unicorn.

The Sophisticats, the best band to ever play at Monterey,  had everyone up on the dance floor with a wide variety of musical selections. The crowd attending this party was a pleasing mixture of newcomers and longtime Monterey residents. The band was enthused with the Monterey crowd and loved playing for such a fun group. We had a great turn out and many volunteers helped with the Halloween decorations at the Yacht Club. Thanks to Nancy OBrien and Kim Ryan for organizing a wonderful social activity to start off the coming season with the promise of a delightful and  lively turnout for our future social activities.

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Hope Rural School at Monterey (2015)

Hpe Rural School holiday visit

Monterey has come to rely on a lively annual visit from children to launch the Christmas season in our adult community. And so it was that on December 1st, when a yellow school bus pulled up at the Yacht Club at ten a.m. and discharged the kindergarten class from the Hope Rural School in Indiantown. With their audience already on hand, eagerly awaiting their arrival, the children filed into the room adorned in red Santa hats and a charming combination of shyness and high energy.

Well trained in the words and gestures for each of their songs, the line-up of children concluded the program with "We wish you a merry Christmas!" They circulated among spectators eager with hugs and words of appreciation, when who should appear but Santa with a bag full of treats!

As explained by Sister Dooley, director of the school, Hope Rural School was founded in 1980 for the purpose of helping families of migrant workers and giving them reason to remain in the area. Schooling for the children, pre-kindergarten through grade five, as well as instruction in parenting has set the school apart from all others

For Monterey residents, admission to the program is an unwrapped gift for a child or a cash donation. The popularity of the event has grown to the extent that people who are not going to be in residence send gifts beforehand, so that this year brought the largest total donation ever.

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Computer Safety

Computer Email Safety

Most computer attacks come from downloading infected email attachments, visiting questionable web sites, or clicking on unidentified links. Malware can even be inadvertently passed on by your friends and, further, spread unawares by you yourself through forwarding of infected eMail.

Be wary of any eMail that has been forwarded to you, especially one with one or more FWD’s in the subject line and those that contain attachments. Forwarding is one of the most common ways of spreading malware around the Internet, so do not let yourself become part of the problem by clicking on “Forward.” You should highlight and copy any text you want to pass along to friends and paste it into a newly composed eMail of your own. To protect your friends from "Internet web crawlers" never Forward an eMail with a bunch of your friends eMail addresses embedded in the eMail. It is prudent to protect your friends privacy and security by using the BCC (blind copy) feature on your eMails, unless it is important for a specific group to know who was copied on a transmission (e.g. BOD, MORA, etc.). Above all, be courteous to your friends and neighbors and do not send multiple eMails, to multiple recipients day after day!

When handling eMail, do not open mail from unknown senders. Do not download attachments from unknown sources. Do not click on embedded links you are not sure about. Do not click on any site offering free scans of your computer, or on any anti-virus program that is not already on your system. NEVER give out personal information such as your SS number, your bank account number, or any passwords, in an eMail, even though the request appears authentic like when a site looks just like your bank or Amazon or eBay, with a logo and everything. The site might be fake, however, and if you enter your log in and personal information it is being captured by bad guys for nefarious purposes. To protect yourself, never click any links in any emails you are not absolutely sure are legitimate. Always go to the specific site by typing the proper address (e.g., usbank.com, amazon.com, eBay.com) in your browser’s address bar from there you can safely log in and check your account or order status. Alternately, make a direct phone call to anyone requesting such personal information to verify the source and reason for the request. One of the most cost effective solutions for protecting your Window's computer comes free, directly from Comcast or ATT if they are your Internet Service Provider (ISP), simply download the Norton or McAfee software from their web sites. If you do not have your own ISP and use open Wi Fi connections (like the Club House) you can purchase Norton of McAfee independently or use the free Microsoft Security Essentials. Microsoft Security Essentials is supported on Windows 7, and Windows Vista. If you have Windows 8 or 10, Windows Defender is pre-installed, but we still recommend the use of Norton or McAfee. The wonderful expansion of personal computers, tablets and smart phones with access to the Internet has broadened and enriched our lives. Using your computer to stay in touch with family and friends, to surf the web for information, to shop and do your banking should be a pleasurable experience. Following these guidelines will help alleviate some of the anxiety and ensure you stay safe in cyberspace.

Chuck Bessey
October, 2015