MYCC Fashion Show!

MYCC Fashion Show 2014MYCC Fashion Show 2014

Close your eyes and picture an upscale restaurant in New York City with a runway leading to a dais where Pam, the most well-known of fashion commentators, holds a microphone. The carefully selected audience of one hundred, who have just indulged in a light mimosa lunch, includes some better-known golfers with reputations for favoring leading edge styling in sports attire. The occasion is the annual unveiling of the latest in summer sportswear for both men and women by Florida's most acclaimed department store.

Open your eyes slowly. You're at Monterey watching fellow residents, hand-picked for looks and grace, gradually gaining confidence as they make their way across the meeting room of the Main Clubhouse all dressed up in shirts and shorts, dresses and jackets, in the latest fashions that Bealls can provide.

At the conclusion, door prizes are given away, but they are superfluous. The show is the thing. And it was a good one!

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Hope Rural School at Monterey

Hope Rural School, Christmas 2014

Seventeen carolers, dressed in bright capes and bonnets or top hats, shyly paraded into the Yacht Club, two by two, on December second accompanied by two of their teachers from the Hope Rural School.  A pre-Christmas appearance by the kindergartners has become tradition at Monterey, and the children always sing to  a full house. Admission to the event is an unwrapped toy. A hostess, this year Pat Morgioni, and her friends provide homemade goodies of a holiday nature for the enjoyment of all attending.  
After the final song, an enthusiastic version of "We wish you a Merry Christmas," the children mingle with the patrons, sometimes exchanging words and gentle hugs, before adjourning to the porch to examine their bags of presents and savor milk and cookie refreshments. 
The Hope Rural School was founded in 1980 to bring hope to the migrant and immigrant families of Indiantown and provides education from pre-K through Grade 5. Emphasis is placed on education for the entire family, and, among others, the school offers classes on English and parenting.  

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Just in Time

Just in time for the return of the snow-birds!

Due to the continuous heavy rains this September, out signature fifth hole pond is up to normal level, as are the other five ponds.

Just in time pond level

Spooky Halloween at Monterey

MYACC Halloween 2014

The Halloween costumes at Monterey consisted of scary and not so scary outfits, including a kilt wearing Scot, eggs & bacon, a surgeon, a flower pot, a flapper and her gangster man, plus a variety of spooky devils and goblins. Prizes for best costumes were awarded. First place went to Sam Mondello in drag, peace nik Rob Bennie was second, and third place went to Indian/squaw Marilyn and Bob Schnidt. 

DJ Bach had everyone up on the dance floor with a wide variety of musical selections and everyone sang Happy Birthday for Mary Rasmussen and Marion Mecozzi. 
The crowd attending this party was a pleasing mixture of newcomers and longtime Monterey residents. As the first social activity on the schedule this beginning promises a delightful and  lively turnout in the season ahead.

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Here it is - The new Canopy

It took a little while but it is finally here thanks to efforts of too many people to mention here, but a special thanks has to go to the DeNeill's and Flederbach's who raised most of the funds through advertising in our Monterey Directory, the great Duck Race, as well as contributions from the House Committee and Social Activities.
Please take advantage and enjoy your picnics by the grill under the shade of our new Canopy.   

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