Hope Rural School Visits Monterey

Hope Rural School 2018

On the morning of December 4th, the Monterey Yacht Club was invaded by twenty little reindeer, complete with antlers. The kindergarteners proceeded to sing a collection of songs with appropriate gestures to the delight of everyone in the Monterey audience.

The children’s annual visit was accompanied by a visit from Santa Claus, who just happened to have a big bag of presents to distribute, as he chatted with the children one by one following their musical performance.

Refreshments of home-baked Christmas goodies provided by some of Monterey’s most talented bakers, are also a regular feature, and those in attendance did not hesitate to join in the line going down the table, attended by servers in red shirts, to spark up their coffee with cookies and cake.

Altogether this occasion kicks off the holiday season in a joyous, lighthearted manner to the great delight of the Monterey community.

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Rockin' Through The Ages 2018

Rockin Through The Ages 2018

With the Sophisticats supplying a wide variety of music you couldn’t keep people off the dance floor. The program was a winner with the crowd, who, after all, had come to the Yacht Club to dance and have a good time with friends. Rather than everyone having their own treats on individual tables, the organizers set up a buffet style table so that everyone could sample all the goodies brought to the party.

Altogether, it was a party full of surprises and the good-natured fun of being with Monterey’s finest movers and shakers, while the music measured up to everybody’s expectations.

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Halloween at Monterey 2018

MYACC Halloween 2018

It was a night for the goblins, witches, wizards and clowns. And that was even before the occupants of Table 1 arrived to “Who Let the Dogs Out” - six white dogs with black spots being held at bay by their masters leach. All in all, the costuming was just outstanding. How can you beat a guy dressed in drag, cowboys & cowgirls, and a biker couple.

"Glad to Be an American!" was brought into play early in the evening, and the parade with the American flag created a heartfelt exhibit of our generation's love of country. If you want fun and excitement, try this: a contest among two couples wrapping their partners up in toilet paper like mummies.

The evening went by much too quickly, and as the crowd left there was plenty of conversation about ideas for next year’s party.

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Veterans Day at Monterey 2018

MYACC Veterans 2018

On the sunny afternoon of November 11, 2018, Monterey residents gathered at the Memorial Walkway and Garden adjacent to the flagpole to pay tribute to our nation and the veterans among them who had fought and served their country in war and peace.

The crowd stood to pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, which was at half-mast in honor of Veterans Day. A wreath of red, white, and blue had been constructed for the occasion, and was mounted on a stand behind the speakers table.

Veterans of the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Marine Corp., and the Coast Guard/Merchant Marine were invited to step. As each group was identified, a candle was lit to honor that service. A brief and dynamic speech chastised those in recent news reports who had shown disrespect to the flag and to all that this country stands for.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, as voices joined for "God Bless America," the evident crowd demeanor reflected Monterey's pride, respect, and love of country - a brief and satisfying reflection of patriotism to be long remembered.

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MYACC Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming Meetings for Owners & Board of Directors

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Board meeting to discuss and approve the 2019 budget.
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