Monterey Fashion Show 2018

Monterey Fashion Show 2018

A sold-out crowd on a Sunday in early March spoke for the popularity of the annual Mimosa lunch and style show. Accompanied by sandwiches, “wraps”, and cheeses, the Mimosas were scooped up from a bowl that was never empty.

And the style show! Monterey residents, untutored in the fine points of modeling, nevertheless paraded the chosen outfits in a charming and appealing manner. Part of the attraction was that among the models were three married couples, with both wives and husbands doing the modeling of outfits which fit them perfectly and fit the Monterey lifestyle. Dresses, dresses, and more dresses came down the aisle followed by a lively collection of shorts and tops, all at affordable prices.

The commentator, a professional representing the store from which the outfits were selected, chuckled and personalized the presentation, which took nothing away from her message of good looking sportswear at great prices - all at a store near you!

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Second Time Around Sale

Second Time Around 2018

Everybody has one: a household treasure from the “Second Time Around Sale.” Mine is a small statue of Benjamin Franklin complete with robe and wig, with a short phrase at the base,“Sue the bastards!” It makes me smile every time I look at it on my kitchen windowsill.

Who knows when the tradition started? It’s an annual event that has become a part of Monterey culture that provides excitement, camaraderie, mystery, discovery, and some appreciable income for Monterey activities. The first Saturday of February is a day you can count on.

First comes three weeks of collection. Everybody can contribute! It’s the stuff you no longer use or need that can take somebody else’s fancy. It all piles up and becomes merchandise! Appliances, furniture, kitchenware, clothing, lamps, books and games, and, of course, “White Elephant” and “Shabby Chic.”

Then it’s all over for another year, while Monterey is enriched in ways that cannot be calculated and will not be soon forgotten.

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Outlandish 2018 Outlandish 2018

It happens on a Wednesday once a year. You casually glance out at the golf course, and the players look, well, outlandish. And that’s the whole idea! Wearing outlandish outfits is an annual event for members of Monterey Women’s Golf Association. Nobody knows when it started, but it’s written into the schedule. Some people slide through with little fanfare. Some wear non-complimentary color or pattern combinations that create a strange result. But SOME go all the way.

Anything goes. Start with head gear. There are a lot of crazy possibilities in a hat, or rather on a hat, and you can pile anything on as long as you create balance. Remember – you don’t want it to blow off and compel you into a running race. Hats showed up on the golf course this year that would have won a prize in the Easter Parade.

You can also disguise a person’s identify with the right – or let’s say the wrong - clothes for a golf course. Skirts, long, flowing ones, hardly stand a chance for daily golf wear, but they won’t hold back your swing, as long as you just let yourself go. And that cute little party dress in pleasing pink will capture attention without messing up your game. Be as Outlandish as you like.  It’s only once a year!

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Reverse raffle

Reverse Raffle 2018

Another sold-out party with every seat taken jammed the Yacht Club with fun-raisers on ( fill in the date.)  Music of all varieties – including Electric Slide and Rootin Tootin Boogie! - kept the dance floor filled. 

The evening began with the tricky gimmick of a “Reverse Raffle” during which each person had a ticket, and having your number called disqualified you from winning a prize. Later the good stuff came along and actual prizes, like certificates for free haircuts and dinners, were awarded. Everyone craved the grand prize of a month’s free maintenance!

The heart of the evening, though, was the music – all the pieces everyone loves and wants to dance to -  and just the pleasure of being with Monterey friends. 

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Dancing Under The Stars

Dancing Under the Stars 2018The Sophisticat  atmosphere and eager participation of party-goers intermingled into a most satisfying and energetic evening celebrated in the Monterey parking lot on January 12. “ing under the Stars,” on a night when there were no stars, was proclaimed by all of the hundred in attendance as an activity that we should do more often.

Everybody brought their own chairs but few were sitting, so compelling was the music and the energy for learning new steps. It finally took a rainstorm at about eight p.m. to get the crowd off the dance floor, and those who went home because of it were sorry – because the rain didn’t succeed in ending the party, just in postponing the best part.

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