Second Time Around Sale

Second Time Around 2017

Take a guess: what's the biggest social event of the year at Monterey? No, not a party, not a dance, not a golf tournament. Okay, I'll tell you. It's a used goods sale that lasts four hours and occupies the thoughts, commands the energy, and lights up the faces of almost the entire female population for the better part of a month. (Some of the men, too.)

Preparation begins with the collection of goods in the form of discards from the households of the community. A skirt, a scale, a tray, six unmatched glasses, framed art, tablecloths, a necklace, a lamp, a single golf club or an entire set, a chair, a dresser, a cooking pot. Whatever you have that you no longer need or want goes to the collection point and then gets sorted into categories and stored until set-up day.

"Shopping" takes place a day ahead on the part of the workers, who discover treasures they never knew they wanted at prices that defy reason. Every household in the community boasts at least one spectacular buy from the Second Time Around Sale. The big day, the first Saturday in February, brings in the outsiders, many of whom have been there before and come with big bags to fill. The crowd and confusion is glorious, and the quarters and dollar bills pile up in cigar boxes and apron pockets.

At twelve noon, all the leftovers disappear into bags at giveaway prices or to a charity of choice standing by for the joy of free leftovers. By one p.m. you'd never know what happened, but you do know it'll all happen again next year.

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Reverse Raffle Dance

2017 Reverse Raffle

Establish a really good reputation for running a party from start to finish, and where does it leave you? Back where you started! That's when it's time to shake things up and do it…. in reverse! The Reverse Raffle and Dance of January 19 was the astonishing result.

Instead of calling numbers for prizes at the end of the party, do it right off the bat at the very start. That way, the first numbers called (in reverse order, of course) eliminate people from ending up with a chance at the Grand Prize. After drawing a lot of "losers" , the numbers come down to twenty people, who actually, really do win something! The final, last number called is the sought-after prize of a month's maintenance fee all paid up!

Since this is a Reverse party, the song usually played to close the evening is played at the beginning, and everybody finds out that Proud to Be an American sounds every bit as wonderful no matter when they play it. Carol and Ron then follow up with their well chosen and skillfully presented music selections, so everybody has the fun of dancing and partying the night away.

You know you have a winner wrapped up when people going down the walkway to the parking lot, over and over are heard to say, "That was so much fun!"

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Hope Rural School Christmas at Monterey (2016)

Hpe Rural School holiday visit

The uncontested highlight of the Christmas season at Monterey is the annual appearance of twenty kindergartners attired in green shirts and red antlers belting out holiday songs with plenty of body language to assist. Songs like Thank You, Jesus and Jingle Bells never sounded so good nor were sung with greater enthusiasm!

When these children come over via school bus from the Hope Rural School, their reputation precedes  them, and the audience grows in size from one year to the next. The profusion of home baked goods provided by the committee and laid out buffet-style  contributes to the encouragement of attendance as well. Tables for ten find room for fourteen, and there is standing room around the edges. Following the performance, Santa comes, and the children end up with a jolly thrill, a bag of candy from Santa, and a big bag of presents to take home. The children mingle one-on-one with  very appreciative members of the  audience before being guided to the porch area for refreshments.

Sister Elizabeth Dunn, Director & Sister Martha Rohde, the school's principal, takes the floor for a few minutes to present the school set-up, which is pre-K through grade 5, now consisting of 146 students.  The school continues to follow and support the children through high school. A return invitation was put out for Monterey residents to visit the school and view in person all that goes on there.

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Hope Rural School Thanks Monterey

Hope Rural School Thanks Monterey
Hope Rural School Thanks Monterey

Rocking Thru The Ages Dance

MoTown MYACC 2016The MoTown Magic party was everybody's idea of a good time, and just leave it to the Onorato's to keep things musically moving.  Up and dancing! was the rule of the evening, and there were plenty of line dancing numbers to satisfy anybody. People can't resist a Congo line, and The Red Solar Cup by an animated bunch of the ladies was not to be overlooked either. That Italian couple - you know, the lady and the gangster  who sneaked in? -  roamed around interfacing with everybody and anybody and captured the audience with their charm.  Individual "portrait" photos were taken by our resident photographer for those who wanted a little memento of the occasion.

But the American flag! Always a winner and an emotional lift!  Who could deny the grand highlight of the evening was our flag planted right out in the center with everybody singing loud and clear "PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN! "  

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