The Great Duck Race - 2014


At exactly two p.m. on a perfect March afternoon at Monterey, almost two hundred little yellow ducks were dumped into the Number Four pond to begin their race to the bridge, while a soft persistent breeze created tiny waves on the surface. The ducks were weighted to remain upright and each had a number on its underside for identification of winners. This race, as well as the barbeque lunch which preceded it, was a fund-raiser for a big, new canopy to cover an expanded picnic area.


The crowd of well-wishers, who had individually "purchased" ducks for ten dollars each, lined the banks. Some walked along the edge keeping up with the ducks, but many had brought folding chairs the better to enjoy the race. It was a smiling, jovial crowd, and the ducks performed perfectly, with the winner completing the route in under thirty minutes. The second and third quickly followed, and fish nets were put in motion to scoop out the entire field in a matter of minutes.

The three cash winners' names were promptly announced, and the owner of the very last little duck won a handsome consolation prize. The organizers earned a tidy profit for their cause, and observers will be chuckling and trading stories about this event for weeks to come.

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(photo credits: Joan Roehm, Bob Mecozzi & Kim Ryan)

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(videographer & narrator: Bob Mecozzi, editing: Chuck Bessey)

Bocce Madness at Monterey - 2014

What started in January, 2007 as a pleasant way for men to fill their time on Wednesdays while the women were occupying the golf course, is now a full-blown extravaganza at Monterey.  Bocce for women began  in 2009, two years after the men's teams were organized, and amazingly there was enough interest to fill both Tuesdays and Thursdays with women's teams playing a nine-week schedule. By that time, the men's participation had expanded to include both Wednesdays and Mondays, and at the close of that season the first tournament of couples vying for a championship was held in March. The leaders called it "March Madness."  This rather predictable contest has exploded into a huge chart of pairings over a two-week period to conclude the bocce season, and all players are welcome to take part. Each participating couple is given one opportunity to move up from one level of competition to the next.  The final evening, when the championship will be decided, brings over a hundred spectators to the bocce court dragging chairs and balancing beverages the better to see and enjoy the fun and suspense. Yes, you're allowed to holler and cheer on your favorites, and the crowd has even more fun  than the players, with the end result quite worthy of the title.

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Vegas Night at Monterey 2013

A crowd of over a hundred enthusiastic gamblers rocked the Yacht Club to bring the shortest month to an end with a blast of togetherness. Jammed around the roulette and black jack tables, the crowds were intent on spinning wheels and flying dice, play money in hand, while the more sober minded kept eight tables occupied with Twenty-one.  Waitresses looking for drink orders worked their way through the crowd, while others circulated with trays loaded with fee cookies. In the capable hands of Sam and Kathy Mondello, with plenty of friends to help, Vegas Night once again proved itself a huge favorite at Monterey.  The traditional horse race followed by prize drawings ended the evening, with virtually everybody going home with some memento of the evening's fast-paced fun.

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St. Patrick's Day at Monterey - 2014

St.Pat's at Monterey 2014Green definitely dominated at Monterey's dinner party on St. Patrick's Day. Patrons arrived in full regalia, with plenty of  beaded necklaces and ties printed with shamrocks.  Joe Canney kept the Irish music coming as background during the social hour.  Who but the Irish can boast a bulging collection of familiar sad and happy songs describing their land and their loves that honestly bring tears to your eyes?

A mixed collection of bottles adorned our still-new round tables, with some of the patrons adding to the pre-dinner enjoyment with home baked authentic Irish Soda Bread that might have gotten passed around to you if you were lucky.  Of course you can guess what we had for dinner!

Monterey's dedicated partygoers were joined by many of our newcomers to celebrate the day and join the fun of line dancing and stylish freestyle. Energy levels were high, as you might expect, and the group singing from printed song sheets was friendly enough and raucous enough to guarantee they'll all be back again next year.

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New Years Eve at Monterey

New Years Eve 2014Times Square had nothing on Monterey in its display of anticipation for the new year's arrival. Even at the seven p.m. starting time, a crowd of party-goers was assembled and ready to hang on for the long haul. There were plenty of hats and horns to go round and lots of dancing to an eclectic selection of music by our own impresario DJ. Some of the more adventurous, younger dancers, were the highlight of the evening with an amazing display of "twerking". When the magic moment of midnight rolled around, much to the surprise of the organizers many of the hundred revelers were still on hand to share greetings and make a big wish for a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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