Foxwoods Rendezvous 2013

Foxwoods 2013

About 38 Monterey residents from the New England and New York area met up at the Foxwoods Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut on August 21st. The NY area residents drive or take the Sea Jet ferry out of Orient Point, Long Island to meet up with the New England residents. There were also a few residents from New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

We all enjoyed a morning of gambling at the Foxwoods casino and a great lunch at the Golf Club. Afterwards some of us returned to the tables and slots, or just walked around and enjoyed the native America architecture.

The DeCarmine's, Luciano's, and the Bates' organized this event quite a few years ago. It is a great "snowbird" reunion to catch up on the events since heading north for the summer.

It is a wonderful summer break and opportunity to renew our Monterey friendships prior to our return to Stuart in the fall or early next year. This rendezvous' has become a great tradition that should continue for many years to come.

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Veterans Memorial Bridge Update - August 2013

Veterans Memorial BridgeMonterey residents should see improving traffic patterns soon. There will be a project completion ceremony around the middle of November, and the Veterans Memorial (Indian Street) bridge should be open to traffic around Thanksgiving this year. The new bridge is expected to cut the traffic across the Palm City bridge in half. The project was funded by Federal, State and Martin County with a total cost of approximately 112 million dollars. The bridge will feature six overlooks, dedicated bicycle lanes and pedestrian walkways on both sides of the bridge. Intersections on both ends of the bridge have been widened for traffic control and decorative lighting and landscaping are included in the project.

St. Patrick's Day at Monterey - 2013

2013 St. Pat's 1 If the color green appeals to you, you'd have been right at home with the decor at our St. Paddy's Day party at the Yacht Club on THE day. Most of the "decor" was in constant motion, standing in as the attire of the would-be Irish folk in attendance. Every touch of green was represented. One individual managed to combine shamrocks with palm trees on his shirt in a way that was quite fetching. Others had versions of traditional hats and caps in green felt that effectively gave off strong Irish appeal.

2013 St. Pat's 2 Competition by local taverns for the corned beef business of the local populace had no effect whatever on attendance at Monterey's annual shindig. The place was jammed. The green beer ran freely. The music was fast and cheerful, bringing the patrons onto their feet and in a mood for fun. The crowd was a lovely blend of the old and the new. Anybody looking and listening in from the outside would have to admit: this was not just a party. This was a celebration!

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Monterey Summer 2013


While the snow birds have fled to northern climes, the slower pace at Monterey has been relaxing, but not without activity. The permanent residents still enjoy golf whenever they want and of course, the pool gossip continues.

The golf course is in excellent shape, enhancements to the outer wall at the entrance have been added and the maintenance crews are busy with summer cleanup and repairs.


There was a nice 4th of July luncheon at the Club House, arranged by Robbie Hart and volunteers, and of course a great Independence Day celebration at Flagger Park in Stuart with our own Bill DeNeill on drums with the Stuart Community Band, followed by a spectacular fireworks display over the St. Lucie River.

Numerous other opportunities have presented themselves for some creative photography by the local "paparazzi".

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Mardi Gras at Monterey - 2013


Turning Monterey into New Orleans was just a matter of beads and masks. With piles of both at the door, Monterey partygoers were whisked away to the Mardi Gras, and the fun began. Of course, the more resourceful had purchased masks and costumes in advance, and oh! such extravagance of plumage and color! For just a moment, they actually did succeed as a disguise of personage, but only for a moment. Then the game began. All evening long, anyone answering a question with the word "no" had to relinquish a string of beads to the questioner. Certain people truly applied themselves to bead collection and ended up with a thick mass around their necks, while others blithely disregarded the competition and let the ""no's" fly freely. Even out on the dance floor, the crowd was more keyed up than usual, so apparently the spirit of Mardi Gras truly is as contagious as it is outrageous, and Monterey had caught it.

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