Monterey Owners Representative Assembly

The Monterey Owners Representative Assembly (MORA) was formed shortly after the complex was completed in 1972. The Assembly is intended to be the voice of the owners in relationship with the Board of Directors. Owners in each of the fifty one buildings are to select one of their group and an alternate to represent them on the Assembly. Each building has one vote in matters brought before the Assembly at regular meetings. A quorum of 26 Representatives must be present to conduct official business of the Assembly.

The elected Officers of the Assembly are:

  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

(See MYACC Contacts)

MORA holds regular monthly meetings during the season (Nov. – April) to disseminate community information and present a forum for discussion of issue of interest to the Owners. Additionally, MORA annually presents a New Owners Meeting, a Renter’s Meeting and a Wine & Cheese Reception for the MYCC Board of Directors.

Funding for MORA is provided by a voluntary annual Owners contribution of $2.00 per person.

Thank you for your support,
MORA Executive Committee

MYACC Condominium Complex Layout

Monterey Yacht and Country Club layout showing unit locations and executive golf links.

Monterey Yacht and Country Club Layout