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Bocce Madness at Monterey – 2014

What started in January, 2007 as a pleasant way for men to fill their time on Wednesdays while the women were occupying the golf course, is now a full-blown extravaganza at Monterey.  Bocce for women began  in 2009, two years after the men's teams were organized, and amazingly there was enough interest to fill both Tuesdays and Thursdays with women's teams playing a nine-week schedule. By that time, the men's participation had expanded to include both Wednesdays and Mondays, and at the close of that season the first tournament of couples vying for a championship was held in March. The leaders called it "March Madness."  This rather predictable contest has exploded into a huge chart of pairings over a two-week period to conclude the bocce season, and all players are welcome to take part. Each participating couple is given one opportunity to move up from one level of competition to the next.  The final evening, when the championship will be decided, brings over a hundred spectators to the bocce court dragging chairs and balancing beverages the better to see and enjoy the fun and suspense. Yes, you're allowed to holler and cheer on your favorites, and the crowd has even more fun  than the players, with the end result quite worthy of the title.

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