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Bocce Madness

Monterey's new sports extravaganza began unobtrusively a few years ago as a pastime with a few of the men taking it up to fill in the time while the Women’s League was taking over the golf course on Wednesdays. Slowly growing in popularity, the game beckoned women into the fold as well, with over 70 women now enrolled to play in teams of four on either the Tuesday or the Thursday roster. One might safely say, involvement has grown from pastime to passion in two years' time.

All season long, as newer players became more and more dedicated and skilled, enthusiasm rose to its crescendo in March with playoffs between couples leading to a tournament championship. No less than thirty-two couples signed up to compete. As the list narrowed down, the heat of the competition and the size of the crowd ballooned. Hooting, hollering, and a bit of mischief were not out of place in this atmosphere, and finally one couple was left standing – but with plenty of runners-up still brimming with energy. Have no doubt, also, that the onlookers had as much fun as the participants.

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