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Joe-GolfOne day in January of 1960 some friends and I were playing golf at the Ludlow Country Club, located in Ludlow, (near Springfield) Massachusetts. The weather had been in the brisk 20 and 30 degree range for several weeks. This day was nice and warm with the temperature in the low 40s As we arrived at the second hole, a par 5 dog leg right around the lake some forty feet below the ground level, we observed several men ice fishing on the frozen lake.There were also quite a few young people ice skating on the lake. We each hit our tee shots and start walking down the fairway. At this point one of our group said," look at those damn fools ice fishing on the lake". At the very same time I heard one of the kids that were ice skating say," look at those damn fools playing golf up there". I am sure that many of those reading this will believe that both statements were correct.

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