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Mardi Gras at Monterey – 2013


Turning Monterey into New Orleans was just a matter of beads and masks. With piles of both at the door, Monterey partygoers were whisked away to the Mardi Gras, and the fun began. Of course, the more resourceful had purchased masks and costumes in advance, and oh! such extravagance of plumage and color! For just a moment, they actually did succeed as a disguise of personage, but only for a moment. Then the game began. All evening long, anyone answering a question with the word "no" had to relinquish a string of beads to the questioner. Certain people truly applied themselves to bead collection and ended up with a thick mass around their necks, while others blithely disregarded the competition and let the ""no's" fly freely. Even out on the dance floor, the crowd was more keyed up than usual, so apparently the spirit of Mardi Gras truly is as contagious as it is outrageous, and Monterey had caught it.

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