Monterey Viewpoint

MYCC Pond Adventures


Everyone is familiar with Harry Kruff’s intimate relationship with the ponds at Monterey, with a fall into the fourth hole pond, and then another fall into the first hole pond.

Well, Harry is not alone and the much younger Chuck also took a tumble into a Monterey pond. After hitting a terrible 5th hole tee shot into the water at the far right side (near the green), where the fairway slops severely down to the water. Mr. Bessey, not having a ball retriever, and lacking good judgment, leaned over on that steep slope with a 5 iron as his retrieval instrument of choice, in an effort to get his ball. Stretching, stretching and stretching some more in his effort, you guessed it – head over heels into the pond! Completely submerged and covered in slimy water, Bessey scrambled out of the water and back up the slippery slope. Laughing so hard he could hardly catch his breath, when he realize not only was his cell phone ruined, but he had dropped the 5 iron in the water. So, back down the precarious slope to retrieve the 5 iron, and back up the slippery slope to dry land. After the laugher subsided some, he realized his glasses where missing! Yep, back down into the pond he ventured, proceeding very carefully and feeling his way he fortunately located his intact glasses. Needless to say he did not finish the round and swore never to venture near a pond again. Thank heaven for Smitty!!

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