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Description: Bocce.JPGActivities at Monterey have grown in scope in recent years reflecting the shifting and broadening interests of the population. As an example, looking around here from January to March, you would hardly believe that, on the physical side, Bocce was once a small sideline for a few people. Now our court is taken up by scheduled play three days a week in season! A plan is starting to jell to create a second bocce court by converting part of the unused shuffleboard layout.

Interest in small boats is on the rise! Two years ago, a few people got together in a Focus Group and created a Canoe and Kayak Club, which now sports (and can house) sixteen or seventeen boats! Sometimes they plan a joint outing, but a lot of the boating activity is by individual venture. The group has established regulations, is well managed, and encourages new members to join in its growing schedule of activity on and off the water.

Description: Kayak.JPG
Here’s a real example of shifting tastes: The pool room is also gaining in popularity. Once quiet and abandoned, these days the sound of clicking balls is frequently detected from behind that closed door.

Our Exercise Room was once a poor relative, used only by a few. Now, after a refurbishing and the addition of a new elliptical machine, it’s something we can show off to visitors and is in daily demand.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, bridge has long been a staple pastime at Monterey. The women’s group meets on Monday afternoon, and two co-ed groups, one duplicate and one a party bridge format, meet on evenings during the week. Now players of other card games vie for space in the clubhouse, and some energetic persons even hold classes. Monterey’s magic expression prevails here: “Everybody’s welcome!” Note: I think there are also some poker groups tucked away someplace.

If your idea of a good time is a bit more hokey, we’ve got you covered. Traditional Bingo is a weekly standard during season! You’ll be astonished at the size of the crowd.

Social Activities, a committee with two couples at its head, is always there to provide periodic relief to those of us who feel a compelling need to be together periodically with a Monterey crowd. Dinner, music, and dancing provide the key that opens the door to this style of companionship, which comes along just about once a month. The true dancers get a nice mix of music with a few line-dancing episodes tossed in. You’re a non-dancer? Doesn’t matter! You’ll have a ball!

Description: Golf.JPGYou’d think we’d get enough of golf with a weekly men’s league, a weekly women’s league, monthly scrambles, and plenty of openings for the foursome of your choice or just a drop-in game. But no! A new league for couples has started up on Friday afternoons and became a winner overnight, thanks to the organizing skills and friendly manner of its originator. Each week it’s a different format, all challenging and all fun. And, to add to the intrigue, the couples don’t have to be married to each other.

Some people just love physical work as a pastime. Their interests are served through at least two of Monterey’s committees. One is the Beautification Committee, which meets every Monday to plant trees, trim, and otherwise work with plants and the soil. The other is the House Committee, which works at bettering the walkways, the dock, and all areas inside of and surrounding our clubhouses. If you are so inclined, watch for opportunities, or talk to the committee chairmen.

Description: BG2.jpgDescription: Carousel.jpgThe Workshop, too, is a haven for people who love to work with their hands. With tools available as well as skilled workmen who stop in on a regular basis, finding help is not an issue. Currently a small class is in session on carving small carousel horses. More practical tasks find solutions there as well.

Description: cranes.JPGNever fear. The dreamers have not been left out. Monterey boasts an ever growing library, with new books constantly donated and catalogued. Books are going out and coming in every hour of the day – all on the honor system.

Travel adventure takes up a full bulletin board in the library. A resident chairman assists local travel agents in presenting their offerings through posters and timely bulletins. Trips of all descriptions, many of them day trips that originate close by, are noted so you can follow up, get more information, or buy a ticket!

Mentioned in passing, the Monterey manner of classifying admittance to group activity is worth another declaration. “EVERYBODY’S WELCOME.” It’s the attitude and promise that characterizes our community and our activities. If you want to take part, come on! We’ll do our best to include you and make you welcome.

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