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St. Patrick’s Day at Monterey – 2013

2013 St. Pat's 1 If the color green appeals to you, you'd have been right at home with the decor at our St. Paddy's Day party at the Yacht Club on THE day. Most of the "decor" was in constant motion, standing in as the attire of the would-be Irish folk in attendance. Every touch of green was represented. One individual managed to combine shamrocks with palm trees on his shirt in a way that was quite fetching. Others had versions of traditional hats and caps in green felt that effectively gave off strong Irish appeal.

2013 St. Pat's 2 Competition by local taverns for the corned beef business of the local populace had no effect whatever on attendance at Monterey's annual shindig. The place was jammed. The green beer ran freely. The music was fast and cheerful, bringing the patrons onto their feet and in a mood for fun. The crowd was a lovely blend of the old and the new. Anybody looking and listening in from the outside would have to admit: this was not just a party. This was a celebration!

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