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The Artist Behind the MYCC Pool & CH Murals

mural_002aaJayne is adept in all facets of art, original murals, decorative painting and sculptures are Jayne's specialties. Involved with art all through school, Jayne attended Kent State University, Rio University, Akron University (dropped out when Math was the next subject!!) majoring in psychology and a minor in art. She went on to teach art Kindergarten – 12th grade for 12 years, 13 years at Buckeye Joint Vocational School in New Philadelphia, Ohio. She also taught three years at her alma mater, Kent State. She traveled though out Ohio teaching classes in rural towns, participated in art shows, designed and built state winning floats, large corporation sets and Convention and Visitors Bureau displays. With the help of family, many friends and talented co workers, she led the way to success.

She has owned and operated a working studio and storefront for thirty years in her home state of Ohio. Resigning and closing up her shop in 2000 she and her husband, Rob, moved to Florida in search of an adventure with a tropical view. In addition to art, Jayne's joy in life includes: a daughter, Amy, who owns and operates a day spa (totally art deco tropical theme!!!) in Owensboro, Kentucky; her grandchildren Chris and Taylor, both college students; her three sons Rik, a play write, Christian speaker, and movie maker in Burbank, Raymond, an investment banker in San Francisco, and Robert, who owns his own telecommunications business.

So, whether an original mural in a living room, den, kitchen or nursery of the home….a business lobby, interior or exterior walls…designs on antique or modern furniture, sparkling filigree on a child's face or creating a corporate logo – Jayne has an intuitive ability to draw from her paint the perfect expression each client desires.

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