Monterey Viewpoint

The Sluice Gate

Rhody Smith was excited early this morning when encountering other people out walking.  It had rained during the night, so Rhody, who is directly connected to pond number four anyway, decided to follow the overflow just for the fun of it.

You could, too, if you want a lesson in drainage.  

 First you locate the sluice gate at the corner of the pond where Building 48 and 49 both end.  Never noticed it?  The colorful bushes behind it detract the eye, and also provide a barrier, but if you look over from the red tees, you can see it.  Walk  along the edge of the pond.  (Don’t get too close. You don’t want to be one of those careless types who fall into ponds.)  There it is, a wooden gate with an open pipe, the overflow from the pond flowing into it.

The pipe runs underground toward the road and underneath both the public road and the Monterey roadway leading to the Yacht Club.  Rhody had stopped and looked down through the grate near Building 48 and had seen the water flowing.  Same thing at the next grate on the other side of the gate right near Palm City Road.  Then he’d stopped and looked down into each of the three grates along our private roadway, and at the time of Rhody’s investigation, the water was flowing along, maintaining the level of Pond #4.

At the end, the roadway goes down the boat ramp next to the Yacht Club, with a grate at the end from which the overflow flows into the river. 

So that’s why Rhody’s walk took a bit longer this morning and why we got a cheerful  little lesson in Civil Engineering.

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