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Where There is a Will, There is a Way


You think you are having a hard time learning to use a computer? Because it is just too hard, or being old is too big a handicap? Well, let me give you some encouragement. I would like to tell you about two people who know something about handicaps that might help strengthen your resolve.

In 2006 the West Palm Beach Veterans Hospital made arrangement with the 20/200 Fellowship to teach me to use a talking computer program for the blind. (20/200 is the visual acuity measurement for legal blindness) The fellowship is an organization which provides services for the blind and is located in Port Salerno.

Upon arrival at the fellowship I was introduced to the person who was to be my instructor.She was a young girl of about 25 and she was completely blind.

She had been blind from birth. She is a college graduate, and can read and write Braille. My first reaction was

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