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Spring Karaoke at Monterey, April 2014

Now that partygoers at Monterey have experienced the heady thrill of karaoke at least once a year, those who have even a slight bent toward performing behind a microphone all showed up for the final pop at stardom on this season's social calendar.

With no song sheets to go by, groups at the tables were free to choose far and wide. Why, then, were Sweet Caroline and New York, New York two of the earlier selections? These are two pieces that never miss and are decidedly on their way to becoming Karaoke standards here. Maybe their popularity is just that they are great songs, both lively and familiar. Another song that some lucky group always ends up choosing is the very forceful and amusing Tequila. This one in particular is just as much fun for the audience as it is for the performers.

There was no stopping that charming group that was so big they occupied both of the last two tables. They joyously swarmed into the spotlight time and time again, never running out of song titles to present. Now a Karaoke feature were two very appealing duets that we love to hear. May I Have This Dance for the Rest of My Life? and You Don't Know Me were delivered, as always, with pizzazz and sincerity to the enjoyment of all.

Finally, after some line dancing features and a bit of dessert, groups began to depart, and with a little imagination, you could hear a familiar voice declare, "That's all, Folks!

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