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Snowbird Update – Summer 2014

For residents left behind from the summer exodus, things this year are anything but dull at Monterey. In addition to the routine maintenance on the golf course and grounds, painting of the buildings is underway. Interspersing the three selected colors, crews began the painting project with buildings numbered 3 through 8 and are progressing quite rapidly across the complex, bringing about a dramatic change in the looks of the place that has had a remarkable effect.

Along with the painting, installation of new washers and dryers by a different crew is going on, starting with the first floor laundry rooms. To operate these new washing machines and dryers, tokens will be used in place of coins. Two tokens are required for the washer and one for the dryer, though the overall cost of completing a load is the same as before. The tokens, at fifty cents apiece, are available for purchase from a machine in the Main Clubhouse.  Just insert a bill (a one-dollar bill, five, ten, or twenty) into a slot and tokens worth that amount  are dumped into a cup.  

Year-round residents are getting a head start, but if you are a Snowbird, all this is excitement is waiting for you when you get back!

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