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Spooky Halloween at Monterey

The Halloween costumes at Monterey consisted of scary and not so scary outfits, including a kilt wearing Scot, eggs & bacon, a surgeon, a flower pot, a flapper and her gangster man, plus a variety of spooky devils and goblins. Prizes for best costumes were awarded. First place went to Sam Mondello in drag, peace nik Rob Bennie was second, and third place went to Indian/squaw Marilyn and Bob Schnidt.

DJ Bach had everyone up on the dance floor with a wide variety of musical selections and everyone sang Happy Birthday for Mary Rasmussen and Marion Mecozzi.
The crowd attending this party was a pleasing mixture of newcomers and longtime Monterey residents. As the first social activity on the schedule this beginning promises a delightful and  lively turnout in the season ahead.

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