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Hope Rural School at Monterey 2014

Seventeen carolers, dressed in bright capes and bonnets or top hats, shyly paraded into the Yacht Club, two by two, on December second accompanied by two of their teachers from the Hope Rural School.  A pre-Christmas appearance by the kindergartners has become tradition at Monterey, and the children always sing to  a full house. Admission to the event is an unwrapped toy. A hostess, this year Pat Morgioni, and her friends provide homemade goodies of a holiday nature for the enjoyment of all attending.  

After the final song, an enthusiastic version of “We wish you a Merry Christmas,” the children mingle with the patrons, sometimes exchanging words and gentle hugs, before adjourning to the porch to examine their bags of presents and savor milk and cookie refreshments.

The Hope Rural School was founded in 1980 to bring hope to the migrant and immigrant families of Indiantown and provides education from pre-K through Grade 5. Emphasis is placed on education for the entire family, and, among others, the school offers classes on English and parenting.  

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