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Bocce at Monterey – 2015

You couldn’t stop it or slow it down if you tried.

The bocce craze in this golfers’ community began unobtrusively in 2007 with a few of the men taking it up on Wednesday mornings to fill the time while the Women’s League tied up the golf course.

The women passing by the bocce court couldn’t help but notice how much fun the men were having, so the next year they gave it a try on Thursdays while the men took over the golf course. Now the women have twenty teams of four playing on Tuesdays and Thursdays with extra teams on Mondays, whereas the men have ten teams of five playing on Wednesdays and have added teams on Fridays. The season lasts nine weeks, from mid-January to mid-March. One might safely say involvement has grown from pastime to passion.

All season long, as newer players become more and more dedicated and skilled, enthusiasm rises until its crescendo in March, with none other than March Madness, an annual tournament that began with participation by sixteen couples, which soon stretched to 32 couples, and now enrolls 64 couples in elimination matches that stretch over six days ending with four couples playing for the championship. As the list narrows down, the heat of the competition and the size of the crowd balloons. Hooting, hollering, and a bit of mischief are not out of place in this atmosphere.

Finally, one couple is left standing, and the appreciative crowd of onlookers has had as much fun as the players.

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