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Summer at Monterey

While Monterey’s snowbirds have temporarily vacated in favor of the great north, our growing number of year-round residents are enjoying the sunny Florida weather. Activities at Monterey continue, but on a less hectic summer pace. The grill was a busy spot on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July providing for sold-out crowds at picnics where every table was filled. This year, a Fridays-at-Five byob cocktail hour has been added at which a group of twelve to forty assemble weekly under the canopy with appetizers to share.

The summer bocce league is in its third year and keeps adding players. Last year’s eight teams have now grown to eleven, with 46 players competing on Monday nights. With notable resourcefulness, the players retire to the Yacht Club and play Corn-hole in case it rains. That way they can keep chalking up scores toward the championship, which ends the season a week after Labor Day with ribbons for the two top teams and a festive pot luck supper.

All the while, the golf course is getting a healthy dose of maintenance, the resurfacing of the parking/roadways is complete, and the new mall on Monterey Road, which is turning out to be quite beautiful, is viewed over the wall with anticipation of providing a home to some exciting high end retail shops.

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