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Monterey DooWop Dance Party 2016

Once again, a sell-out! With a name like DooWop for a dance party, you can expect no less. A fresh coat of paint on the Yacht Club walls and a generous representation of new faces coming through the door truly enlivened the atmosphere. Most of the crowd were dressed in 50’s fashion, and all of the crowd spent most of the evening up and dancing, thanks to the magical persuasion of DJ’s Carol and Ron. And oh – what a thrill to see Dave out on the dance floor with Terri and their charming rendition of “May I Have This Dance for the Rest of My Life.”

A crowd favorite, “Let’s have a Party” along with special guest performances by Angelina and Louigie, the Maraca Gedeons, and of course Elvis, carried the evening to its conclusion. Nobody wanted to quit dancing and go home.

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