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2016 Dancing Under the Stars

Dancing Under the Stars - 2

Following close on the heels of March Madness bocce playoffs, with the Sophisticats’ tuning up routine actually providing a bit of background music for the final teams’ endeavors, the Dancing Under the Stars celebrants convened in high spirits promptly at six p.m. Small tent tops provided cover for an adornment of goodies prepared and gradually demolished by those in attendance. There were not so many stars that evening to carry out the title, but a very charming slender moon against a black sky captured the essence of the theme perfectly.

The entire space beside the Main Clubhouse was transformed into a huge dance floor, and this time partygoers knew just what to expect. Music and gaiety prevailed! Plenty of chairs were set up around the edges for dancers to take time off the dance floor, but something energizing about being out-of-doors seemed to propel those dancers to stay on their feet. You had to ask yourself: Was this space actually filled with parked cars just hours before?

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