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Monterey Bocce Finals 2016

Monterey Bocce Finals

March Madness has come and gone, as it has done each year since Monterey’s Golf Community has taken on the additional identity of a Bocce Community with all the enthusiasm that surrounds this busy, fast-paced game.

In two weeks of tournament play, sixty-four pairs of players filter down to four couples before one couple rises to the top and claims the bocce championship for the season, their names joining seven others on the list of winners beginning in 2009.

All during the tournament, crowds of bocce players and friends gather for every session, not only to cheer for friends but because bocce is, after all, a lot of fun to watch. By the time players are successful enough to reach tournament status, they are pretty good at some of the more dynamic techniques that can wallop the balls and change instantly the expected outcome of a particular round.

Fun to play, fun to watch – bocce gets bigger and bigger with every season at Monterey.
Thanks, Pete!

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