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Rocking Thru The Ages Dance

MoTown MYACC 2016

The MoTown Magic party was everybody’s idea of a good time, and just leave it to the Onorato’s to keep things musically moving.  Up and dancing! was the rule of the evening, and there were plenty of line dancing numbers to satisfy anybody. People can’t resist a Congo line, and The Red Solar Cup by an animated bunch of the ladies was not to be overlooked either. That Italian couple – you know, the lady and the gangster  who sneaked in? –  roamed around interfacing with everybody and anybody and captured the audience with their charm.  Individual “portrait” photos were taken by our resident photographer for those who wanted a little memento of the occasion.

But the American flag! Always a winner and an emotional lift!  Who could deny the grand highlight of the evening was our flag planted right out in the center with everybody singing loud and clear “PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN! ”  

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