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Dancin’ in the Streets

When your very outgoing neighbor looks you in the eye and says, “I had the best time of my life,” you blink and take notice – particularly when the occasion under discussion is a dance held in the Monterey parking lot.

The weather was perfect. Entry was free. The crowd was huge. The Sophisti-cats played all the right music, so everybody got up and danced and danced! “When did you ever see so many people out there on the dance floor at the same time?”

People assembled promptly at six, dragging folding chairs of all descriptions and even small tables, to surround the dance floor three-to-four deep. Conviviality was rampant, and people did not hesitate to sing along when songs were familiar.

It was a BYOB party, and there was no shortage of wine, beer, and munchies coming out of those clever little bags on wheels. In addition, refreshments for purchase arrived by truck, and sausages with onions, hot dogs, and those irresistible big soft pretzels were sold from a tent and gobbled down with abandon.

The evening was made-to-order. Everything close-by. No driving on public roads required. When it was time to leave, you just went home. (But you didn’t leave too soon, because you were having so much fun.) The official 6 to 9 p.m. event name was “Dancing under the Stars,” but to everybody who was there, it was so much more!

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