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Reverse Raffle Dance

Establish a really good reputation for running a party from start to finish, and where does it leave you? Back where you started! That’s when it’s time to shake things up and do it…. in reverse! The Reverse Raffle and Dance of January 19 was the astonishing result.

Instead of calling numbers for prizes at the end of the party, do it right off the bat at the very start. That way, the first numbers called (in reverse order, of course) eliminate people from ending up with a chance at the Grand Prize. After drawing a lot of “losers” , the numbers come down to twenty people, who actually, really do win something! The final, last number called is the sought-after prize of a month’s maintenance fee all paid up!

Since this is a Reverse party, the song usually played to close the evening is played at the beginning, and everybody finds out that Proud to Be an American sounds every bit as wonderful no matter when they play it. Carol and Ron then follow up with their well chosen and skillfully presented music selections, so everybody has the fun of dancing and partying the night away.

You know you have a winner wrapped up when people going down the walkway to the parking lot, over and over are heard to say, “That was so much fun!”

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