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Women’s Shootout 2017

Three groups of lady golfers, divided by skill levels and joined into partnerships of two, played nine holes of golf on a Tuesday afternoon, starting at designated holes one, four, and seven. The day was perfect -sunny and warm but breezy. The players were smiling, concentrating, and nervous as all get-out, in perfect accord with their partners. The rules were forgiving, allowing for a second chance after losing a hole. The organizers were unobtrusive, quick, and fair in their judgments. The observers were quiet and kept out of the way.

This is Monterey at its finest. The spirit of competition, the desire for excellence, the friendliness and support toward others – these are factors of living and aging that are not always evident in communities such as ours.

First Place Flight One: Agnes Bethune/Mary Ann Skertic
First Place Flight Two: Nancy OBrien/Grace McIntyre
First Place Flight Three: Pam Evans/Linda Nichosen

The contest comes to an end, the prizes are awarded, and everyone heads home with another treasure in the memory bank. Before too long, though, we’ll all be out on the course once again. How can you let the great opportunities of such a stunning game go to waste?

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