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Annual Fun Day at Monterey

The promise of two days of fun brought out an eager crowd, ready to pop the cork on the month of April at Monterey. Fun Day participants handled the menu of events on the first day with aplomb, working their way from walking and biking openers to the challenges of shuffleboard, pitching, and putting. Three carefully selected apartments held “Open House” for residents to visit, admire, and plan to emulate. Then came the Ball Drop. You’d never have imagined that the mere dumping of a bucket of numbered golf balls onto the slant of the fifth green, the balls spreading but heading toward the hole, with one winner’s ball flopping into the hole, could mesmerize a crowd of golfers and bring about such a glorious shout of joyful excitement.

Even the accustomed Bingo routine, a weekly event at Monterey, brought out a full house of players, mostly regulars but some novices, eager to try their luck with five cards worth of possibilities to shout out “Bingo!” before anybody else could, and win a twenty dollar bill. The caller had as much fun as anybody but kept things moving and at an even keel. Meanwhile, at a nearby location, the billiard balls were clicking. The BYOB party-goers who met “under the tent” at six knew the drill and wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Shuffleboard and bocce contests held on the second day drew crowds, too, and led up to the crowning event, relocated from the pond to the pool because of construction work – the super exciting Duck Race. Real money was involved here, but the procedure was a bit improvised because of the lack of waves in the water to move the little yellow ducks, who, in the end, were simply scooped up and identified by number. Didn’t matter. The final three were declared winners, and the crowd was satisfied, especially the unsuspecting owners of those special three.

The only rain to fall over the two-day period brought a quick change of venue for “Dancing under the Stars” scheduled in the parking lot. The dance ended up inside the clubhouse with the lights turned low and drew a standing-room-only crowd. The Sophisticats set up their equipment in one corner and sounded as good as ever, playing for a slightly noisy crowd that did not intend to have their mood or pleasure disturbed or called to a halt.

Don’t toss out your Fun Day tee shirt. The format, frequently repeated with variations over the years, is sure to crop up again and again, because at Monterey having fun refining your skills is what it’s all about.

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