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Rocking Thru the Ages

Mostly playing the original music, but once in awhile singing along, the DJ on the stool brought to Monterey songs from the 30’s to today. Titled “Rocking through the Ages”, the program was a winner with the crowd, who, after all, had come to the Yacht Club to dance and have a good time with friends.

Random prizes were awarded, and it was fun to see that three were awarded at one table!

As an extra attraction, a booth was set up for individual pictures to be taken. Partygoers could buy a print to raise money for Social Activities, and many acquiesced.

Altogether, it was a party full of surprises and the good-natured fun of being with Monterey’s finest movers and shakers, while the music measured up to everybody’s expectations.

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Honoring our Veterans & Country

On the peaceful, sunny afternoon of November 11, 2017, one hundred fourteen Monterey residents met at the Memorial Walkway and Garden adjacent to the flagpole to pay tribute to their nation and the veterans among them who had fought and served their country in war and peace.

The crowd stood to pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, which was at half-mast in honor of Veterans Day. A wreath of red, white, and blue had been constructed for the occasion, and was mounted on a stand behind the speakers table.

Veterans were invited to step forward, and 16 were identified as having served in the U.S. Army, 12 in the U.S. Navy, 5 in the U. S. Air Force, and 4 in the U.S. Marine Corp. As each group was identified, a candle was lit to honor that service. Two branches of service, the Coast Guard and the Merchant Marine, did not have a representative, but were also honored.

A brief and dynamic speech chastised those in recent news reports who had shown disrespect to the flag and to all that this country stands for.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, as voices joined for “God Bless America,” the evident crowd demeanor reflected Monterey’s pride, respect, and love of country – a brief and satisfying reflection of patriotism to be long remembered.

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Restructuring of 5th Hole Pond

Bulkheads along the entire perimeter of Pond #5 are being installed to stop erosion and the collapse of the pond bank. The pond interior has been dredged to an approximate depth of two feet below water level. The dredge material is being used as backfill all along the outside of the bulkhead for stability.

Hole 5 2017-1
Hole 5 2017-2
Hole 5 2017-3
Hole 5 2017-4
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Halloween at Monterey

It was downright spooky in there. Keeping the lights dim helps, and a collection of wizards, witches, clowns, and vampires  create an atmosphere.  And that was even before the occupants of Table 9 arrived –  six black bats, complete with swooping wings and fearsome fangs! All in all, the costuming was across the board outstanding. How can you beat a Balloon Man, “Death”, and, to counter-balance, the most appealing Flapper you’ll ever see.

The stirring standby, “Glad to Be an American!” was brought into play early in the evening, and the parade with the American flag created a heartfelt exhibit of the greatest generation’s love of country. Of course, no real party would be complete without a solo by you-know-who, this time presenting “I’m not the Same.”  And, of course, there was the visit by Tina Turner to elevate the atmosphere. If you want fun and excitement, try this:  a contest among three couples wrapping their partners up like mummies –  in toilet paper. 

The sold-out crowd loved the entire kaboodle, and the evening went by much faster than you’d like. As the crowd departed, there was plenty of chatter, but also minds working with ideas for… next year.

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