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Halloween at Monterey

It was downright spooky in there. Keeping the lights dim helps, and a collection of wizards, witches, clowns, and vampires  create an atmosphere.  And that was even before the occupants of Table 9 arrived –  six black bats, complete with swooping wings and fearsome fangs! All in all, the costuming was across the board outstanding. How can you beat a Balloon Man, “Death”, and, to counter-balance, the most appealing Flapper you’ll ever see.

The stirring standby, “Glad to Be an American!” was brought into play early in the evening, and the parade with the American flag created a heartfelt exhibit of the greatest generation’s love of country. Of course, no real party would be complete without a solo by you-know-who, this time presenting “I’m not the Same.”  And, of course, there was the visit by Tina Turner to elevate the atmosphere. If you want fun and excitement, try this:  a contest among three couples wrapping their partners up like mummies –  in toilet paper. 

The sold-out crowd loved the entire kaboodle, and the evening went by much faster than you’d like. As the crowd departed, there was plenty of chatter, but also minds working with ideas for… next year.

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