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Outlandish 2018

It happens on a Wednesday once a year. You casually glance out at the golf course, and the players look, well, outlandish. And that’s the whole idea! Wearing outlandish outfits is an annual event for members of Monterey Women’s Golf Association. Nobody knows when it started, but it’s written into the schedule. Some people slide through with little fanfare. Some wear non-complimentary color or pattern combinations that create a strange result. But SOME go all the way.

Anything goes. Start with head gear. There are a lot of crazy possibilities in a hat, or rather on a hat, and you can pile anything on as long as you create balance. Remember – you don’t want it to blow off and compel you into a running race. Hats showed up on the golf course this year that would have won a prize in the Easter Parade.

You can also disguise a person’s identify with the right – or let’s say the wrong – clothes for a golf course. Skirts, long, flowing ones, hardly stand a chance for daily golf wear, but they won’t hold back your swing, as long as you just let yourself go. And that cute little party dress in pleasing pink will capture attention without messing up your game. Be as Outlandish as you like.  It’s only once a year!

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