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March Madness at Monterey

On the last day of February, no less than sixty-four couples separated themselves out from the run-of-the-mill bocce enthusiasts of Monterey and committed to two weeks of pressure and suspense in search of the prized title as winners of the annual March Madness tournament. Each match assignment was all it took to stay in the race for one more round, or to face sudden elimination.

The enthusiasm of the crowd that assembled to watch the half-hour matches was equal to the dedication of the players. All the benches filled early, and the standing room behind the benches took care of the overflow. A newcomer kind of knew that the onlookers were bocce players too and truly appreciated the spectacle of skill on display. Watching bocce is fun!

Of the sixty-four couples who began the journey, one couple would be left standing. It took a combination of skill and luck, the right attitude, and a natural bent toward good sportsmanship to stand up under the pressure. In the end, after a hard-fought final game, Monterey’s bocce population was satisfied and smiling at the outcome.

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