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Monterey Fashion Show 2018

A sold-out crowd on a Sunday in early March spoke for the popularity of the annual Mimosa lunch and style show. Accompanied by sandwiches, “wraps”, and cheeses, the Mimosas were scooped up from a bowl that was never empty.

And the style show! Monterey residents, untutored in the fine points of modeling, nevertheless paraded the chosen outfits in a charming and appealing manner. Part of the attraction was that among the models were three married couples, with both wives and husbands doing the modeling of outfits which fit them perfectly and fit the Monterey lifestyle. Dresses, dresses, and more dresses came down the aisle followed by a lively collection of shorts and tops, all at affordable prices.

The commentator, a professional representing the store from which the outfits were selected, chuckled and personalized the presentation, which took nothing away from her message of good looking sportswear at great prices – all at a store near you!

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