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St. Patrick’s Day at Monterey

St. Pat's Day 2018
Musicians Permanent Affair

Shades of green – the St. Patrick’s Day dinner dance at the Monterey Yacht Club on March 16 (oops, they were one day off) brought out a fascinating conglomeration of outfits, from dressy to casual to imaginative, all very skillfully contrived, all with at least a touch of green. The occasion also brought a new band, the Permanent Affair for their first Monterey appearance. Permanent Affair, originally from Pennsylvania, has made their living for the last 25 years as a traveling musical duo. From upstate New York to South Florida, this husband/wife team has entertained all age groups, and has performed in a variety of venues from dinner clubs, to resort hotels to rockin’ honky tonks!

Believe me, Keely and Jamie did the job of an entire ensemble providing music for dancing during the evening as well as good old Irish songs for our dinner pleasure. Enthusiastic participants, all with their own versions of Irish dress and mannerisms, sat around and danced around. You’d truly believe, as they did, that on this particular day they were indeed Irish. 

The dinner, of course, was corned beef and cabbage, accompanied on the plate by what the Irish really eat, carrots and potatoes, topped off with tiny cups of ice cream dessert. Yes, folks, Monterey has never lost the touch for giving this winsome Irish holiday the full blast of color and energy that is so highly prized by those folks across the sea.

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