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MYCC Fun Day 2018

Eight bikes and a motorcycle got Fun Day off to an early start along with twenty-one walkers proceeding up and down the side streets of Monterey for early morning exercise.  A coffee break at the Club House was a welcome diversion thereafter. Now that everyone was awake, the streets picked up traffic heading to designated apartments for the annual treat of touring three of Monterey’s most alluring households.

At noontime, the popular Mermaids took center stage in the pool, with twelve swimmers performing a perfectly choreographed and executed display of synchronized water dancing. With smiles on their faces and clever caps on their heads, the mermaids once again captivated the audience and received generous reactions of murmured praise and thunderous applause.

Early afternoon brought a medley of golfing contests, from driving to putting to attempts at “hole in one” and plenty of circulating golfers kept things moving. The “ball drop” attracted the usual big crowd on Hole #5.

Inside, the popularity of Bingo was on full display, as the room was jammed with players who ate it up and stayed throughout the lengthy session. When they arrived back outside in the sunshine, there was plenty of parking lot activity and competition, crowned by the Hermit Crabs, who carried the evening.

Altogether a successful, well-planned time, Fun Day earned its title for another year, as darkness finally called activity to a halt, and players wended their way home.

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