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Hope Rural School Visits Monterey

On the morning of December 4th, the Monterey Yacht Club was invaded by twenty little reindeer, complete with antlers. The kindergarteners proceeded to sing a collection of songs with appropriate gestures to the delight of everyone in the Monterey audience.

The children’s annual visit was accompanied by a visit from Santa Claus, who just happened to have a big bag of presents to distribute, as he chatted with the children one by one following their musical performance.

Refreshments of home-baked Christmas goodies provided by some of Monterey’s most talented bakers, are also a regular feature, and those in attendance did not hesitate to join in the line going down the table, attended by servers in red shirts, to spark up their coffee with cookies and cake.

Altogether this occasion kicks off the holiday season in a joyous, lighthearted manner to the great delight of the Monterey community.

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