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St Patrick’s Day at Monterey 2019

St. Pat's at Monterey

Live music and a truly scrumptious sandwiches go a long way toward cementing a reputation for the organizers of Monterey’s Saint Patrick’s Day, the one occasion that will never lose its stunning appeal for our residents. It was celebrated in high style on its own special day on the calendar – March 15th.

Green, of course, was the color of choice, and shamrocks, the shape of the moment, as the crowd filtered into the Yacht Club at the beginning of the evening. And what a crowd it was! The live music of crowd favorites the Sophisticats, mixing Irish music with conventional dance numbers to set a tone for the evening’s fare and found a most receptive audience on the dance floor. The sunset that evening was not one of the most spectacular, but what does it matter? Party goers enjoyed the newly laid Yacht Club patio and took advantage of our warm Florida evening.

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