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Monterey Halloween 2019

It was pretty “spooky” at the Monterey Yacht Club with a collection of wizards, witches, clowns, and a mad doctor creating quite an atmosphere.  All the costuming across the board were outstanding. How can you beat Cesar & Cleopatra, the Joker & Princess, and various clowns and flappers?

The annual standby, “Glad to Be an American!” was brought into play early in the evening, and the parade with the American flag created a heartfelt exhibit of the greatest generation’s love of country. Of course, no real party would be complete without a solo by you-know-who, this time presenting “I’m not the Same.” If you want fun and excitement, try this:  a contest among two couples wrapping their partners up like mummies – in toilet paper. And experience won again this year.

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