2019 Monterey Fashion Show

2019 Monterey Fashion Show

A busy buffet table offering a pleasing variety of sandwiches topped off with nothing less than Mimosas and followed by pastries was just the front runner for a well-attended Sunday afternoon Style Show that is an annual event at Monterey. 

The trick is in the composition and presentation, inasmuch as the models, five women and two men, are all residents with no previous modeling experience. Each ventured down the aisle for their many appearances, wearing outfits chosen by the models themselves from the newest seasonal stock of a local department store. Except for guidance by an experienced store representative, and multitudes of garments and accessories from which to select, the home-grown show brought a charming fresh slant on fashion and enjoyed plenty of audience support and encouragement. 

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2019 Reverse Raffle Dance

Reverse Raffle Dance 2019

Another sold-out party with every seat taken at the Yacht Club with Monterey fun makers on a Wednesday night.

The evening began with the tricky gimmick of a “Reverse Raffle” during which each person had a ticket, and having your number called disqualified you from winning a prize. There was a cash prize for every 25th number called and later the good stuff came along with five nice prizes, including a manicure certificate, and a great party basket. Of course, everyone craved the grand prize of a month’s free maintenance!

There were great snacks at each table, with Klondike bars for desert. The heart of the evening, though, was the music – all the pieces everyone loves and wants to dance to - and just the pleasure of being with our Monterey friends. 

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Hope Rural School Visits Monterey

Hope Rural School 2018

On the morning of December 4th, the Monterey Yacht Club was invaded by twenty little reindeer, complete with antlers. The kindergarteners proceeded to sing a collection of songs with appropriate gestures to the delight of everyone in the Monterey audience.

The children’s annual visit was accompanied by a visit from Santa Claus, who just happened to have a big bag of presents to distribute, as he chatted with the children one by one following their musical performance.

Refreshments of home-baked Christmas goodies provided by some of Monterey’s most talented bakers, are also a regular feature, and those in attendance did not hesitate to join in the line going down the table, attended by servers in red shirts, to spark up their coffee with cookies and cake.

Altogether this occasion kicks off the holiday season in a joyous, lighthearted manner to the great delight of the Monterey community.

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Dancing Under the Stars - 2019 plus

Dancing Under the Stars 2018

Burr, it was so cold we had to move the dancing and karaoke indoors. BYOB was supplemented with a common buffet of goodies to snack on. There were many brave souls up got up to sing solo as well as several groups of singers. Everyone was free to pick their classic favorites. Music for singing and dancing as well was provided by DJ’s Bryce & Shar of “Be a Star”. Bryce could not be kept off the dance floor to the pleasure of the crowd. Let’s do it again, hopefully when the weather is nicer.

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For those who missed the sunny Christmas at Monterey, see these photos!

Rockin' Through The Ages 2018

Rockin Through The Ages 2018

With the Sophisticats supplying a wide variety of music you couldn’t keep people off the dance floor. The program was a winner with the crowd, who, after all, had come to the Yacht Club to dance and have a good time with friends. Rather than everyone having their own treats on individual tables, the organizers set up a buffet style table so that everyone could sample all the goodies brought to the party.

Altogether, it was a party full of surprises and the good-natured fun of being with Monterey’s finest movers and shakers, while the music measured up to everybody’s expectations.

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