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Current News

Hope Rural School comes to Monterey

The Hope School

The door of the school bus opened, and nineteen carolers filed into our Yacht Club on the morning of December 5 to great anticipation of over a hundred residents of Monterey, a custom  for many years now. The Hope Rural School of Indiantown annually sends their kindergarteners to entertain us with song.
Dressed in capes, with top hats, bonnets, plaid collars, and bows, the children, accompanied by two teachers and their bus driver, shyly but competently lined up in two rows to present their program of Christmas songs. "God rest ye merry Gentlemen," never sounded so good, as reflected in the smiles and gestures of the audience. 
After the concluding "We wish you a Merry Christmas," the children circulated among the patrons to exchange words and hugs before adjourning to the porch to examine their bags of presents and savor milk and cookie refreshments furnished by the hostess and her friends, who also provided Christmas goodies for those in attendance, the price of admission being a toy or a cash donation.
The mission of the Hope Rural School of Indiantown is to offer hope to families. The school provides education from pre-K through Grade 5 and primarily serves children from immigrant families.

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Current News

Start of the Official Season 2013

2013 season start

Monterey's ponds are full and if that doesn't turn you on, you're not from here – and the grass is thick and green and the golf course is beautiful! Returning snowbirds may not quickly recognize recent enhancements to the Palm City Road entry but do notice how good the place looks and how great it feels to be back. Once chilly mornings are the norm in northern climes, it's nearly impossible to deny the pull of the gorgeous October weather in Florida and Monterey's promise of activity and companionship. So people do what comes naturally – fly down to enjoy a few weeks in the sun before the calendar compels them to go back for holidays with the family. October/ November at Monterey has become another "season."

When you get the suitcases in the door, take a leisurely walk over to the office to "sign in". Everybody you meet on the way will smile and say, "Welcome back!" Stop and chat a bit with the people you encounter. Talk about the summer and about spouses and mutual friends. Seeing people on the first day back is the grandest homecoming you can imagine!

Just playing a round of golf is the obvious route to re-acquaintance with the landscape. Of course, it's all familiar, but that's what makes it so special! Still, you spot details…the length of the grass where your ball could hide… the new little neat rectangles for "drop" areas…the young grass on the expanded greens …those gorgeous old trees on the seventh fairway…and that same darn squirrel bothering your bag as you stop at the drinking fountain after playing Number Six! Of course a trip to the beach, downtown Stuart, the Elliott Museum and the new Indian Street Bridge are in order to see the changes and progress since Spring

In the Main Clubhouse, stroll through the library and stop to see the picture displays on the bulletin boards. (A boat ride for everybody's favorite photographer with a rowdy crew celebrating his birthday and Mothers Day; and a more sedate group having cake with the sweet lady in Building 22 when she turned one hundred!) If you're really energetic, you can sign the list right away to play on next week's men's or women's golf day. Upstairs, in the office, Chris and Gale and Gail are happy to see you and ready with help if you need it. Can life get any better than this?

Current News

Foxwoods Rendezvous 2013

Foxwoods 2013

About 38 Monterey residents from the New England and New York area met up at the Foxwoods Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut on August 21st. The NY area residents drive or take the Sea Jet ferry out of Orient Point, Long Island to meet up with the New England residents. There were also a few residents from New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

We all enjoyed a morning of gambling at the Foxwoods casino and a great lunch at the Golf Club. Afterwards some of us returned to the tables and slots, or just walked around and enjoyed the native America architecture.

The DeCarmine's, Luciano's, and the Bates' organized this event quite a few years ago. It is a great "snowbird" reunion to catch up on the events since heading north for the summer.

It is a wonderful summer break and opportunity to renew our Monterey friendships prior to our return to Stuart in the fall or early next year. This rendezvous' has become a great tradition that should continue for many years to come.

Click here for more photos of the Foxwoods gathering…

Current News

Veterans Memorial Bridge Update – August 2013

Veterans Memorial BridgeMonterey residents should see improving traffic patterns soon. There will be a project completion ceremony around the middle of November, and the Veterans Memorial (Indian Street) bridge should be open to traffic around Thanksgiving this year. The new bridge is expected to cut the traffic across the Palm City bridge in half. The project was funded by Federal, State and Martin County with a total cost of approximately 112 million dollars. The bridge will feature six overlooks, dedicated bicycle lanes and pedestrian walkways on both sides of the bridge. Intersections on both ends of the bridge have been widened for traffic control and decorative lighting and landscaping are included in the project.

Current News

Monterey Summer 2013


While the snow birds have fled to northern climes, the slower pace at Monterey has been relaxing, but not without activity. The permanent residents still enjoy golf whenever they want and of course, the pool gossip continues.

The golf course is in excellent shape, enhancements to the outer wall at the entrance have been added and the maintenance crews are busy with summer cleanup and repairs.


There was a nice 4th of July luncheon at the Club House, arranged by Robbie Hart and volunteers, and of course a great Independence Day celebration at Flagger Park in Stuart with our own Bill DeNeill on drums with the Stuart Community Band, followed by a spectacular fireworks display over the St. Lucie River.

Numerous other opportunities have presented themselves for some creative photography by the local "paparazzi".

Click for some Stuart summer photos…

Current News

St. Patrick’s Day at Monterey – 2013

2013 St. Pat's 1 If the color green appeals to you, you'd have been right at home with the decor at our St. Paddy's Day party at the Yacht Club on THE day. Most of the "decor" was in constant motion, standing in as the attire of the would-be Irish folk in attendance. Every touch of green was represented. One individual managed to combine shamrocks with palm trees on his shirt in a way that was quite fetching. Others had versions of traditional hats and caps in green felt that effectively gave off strong Irish appeal.

2013 St. Pat's 2 Competition by local taverns for the corned beef business of the local populace had no effect whatever on attendance at Monterey's annual shindig. The place was jammed. The green beer ran freely. The music was fast and cheerful, bringing the patrons onto their feet and in a mood for fun. The crowd was a lovely blend of the old and the new. Anybody looking and listening in from the outside would have to admit: this was not just a party. This was a celebration!

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Current News

Mardi Gras at Monterey – 2013


Turning Monterey into New Orleans was just a matter of beads and masks. With piles of both at the door, Monterey partygoers were whisked away to the Mardi Gras, and the fun began. Of course, the more resourceful had purchased masks and costumes in advance, and oh! such extravagance of plumage and color! For just a moment, they actually did succeed as a disguise of personage, but only for a moment. Then the game began. All evening long, anyone answering a question with the word "no" had to relinquish a string of beads to the questioner. Certain people truly applied themselves to bead collection and ended up with a thick mass around their necks, while others blithely disregarded the competition and let the ""no's" fly freely. Even out on the dance floor, the crowd was more keyed up than usual, so apparently the spirit of Mardi Gras truly is as contagious as it is outrageous, and Monterey had caught it.

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Current News

Winter Boat Club Outing – 2013


Some people really know how to throw a party! This distinction decidedly belongs to Monterey's Boat Club as attested by all who attended the Clubs first cookout of the season on February 6th. Early in the afternoon, 15 kayaker's took to the water and headed south on the St. Lucie river to view progress on the new Veteran's Memorial Bridge, returning just in time for a festive picnic. Plenty of food! Plenty of people! should not in themselves add up to the outcome they manage to achieve. Taking full advantage of the outdoor and indoor appeal of the Yacht Club property as well as the mix of old and new residents, the evening swelled with friendliness and movement. Even a highly anticipated but lackluster sunset did not detract from the upbeat mood. Obviously, a group that can expand from nine members to one hundred three in just three years has the leadership and drive to make things pop.

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Current News

Karaoke at Monterey – 2013

Karaoke 2013After allowing for some settling in and socializing, the leaders began pushing for performances, table by table. Everybody knows the drill by now, and some of the groups had even prepared in advance. They put on performances that went well beyond hamming it up in front of the mike and even wore attire that carried out the theme of the song "Short Shorts" comes to mind.

Some singing groups were larger than most and some were louder than most, but our favorites were the old? favorites like "New York, New York", "Take Me out to the Ballgame", "Amore", and our table's choice, "When the Saints Go Marching In". One very delightful performance by four men deserves special mention for a crack job of? "I'm Just a Gigilo".

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