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Monterey celebrates the 4th of July
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Current News

Mardi Gras at Monterey – 2013


Turning Monterey into New Orleans was just a matter of beads and masks. With piles of both at the door, Monterey partygoers were whisked away to the Mardi Gras, and the fun began. Of course, the more resourceful had purchased masks and costumes in advance, and oh! such extravagance of plumage and color! For just a moment, they actually did succeed as a disguise of personage, but only for a moment. Then the game began. All evening long, anyone answering a question with the word "no" had to relinquish a string of beads to the questioner. Certain people truly applied themselves to bead collection and ended up with a thick mass around their necks, while others blithely disregarded the competition and let the ""no's" fly freely. Even out on the dance floor, the crowd was more keyed up than usual, so apparently the spirit of Mardi Gras truly is as contagious as it is outrageous, and Monterey had caught it.

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Current News

Winter Boat Club Outing – 2013


Some people really know how to throw a party! This distinction decidedly belongs to Monterey's Boat Club as attested by all who attended the Clubs first cookout of the season on February 6th. Early in the afternoon, 15 kayaker's took to the water and headed south on the St. Lucie river to view progress on the new Veteran's Memorial Bridge, returning just in time for a festive picnic. Plenty of food! Plenty of people! should not in themselves add up to the outcome they manage to achieve. Taking full advantage of the outdoor and indoor appeal of the Yacht Club property as well as the mix of old and new residents, the evening swelled with friendliness and movement. Even a highly anticipated but lackluster sunset did not detract from the upbeat mood. Obviously, a group that can expand from nine members to one hundred three in just three years has the leadership and drive to make things pop.

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Current News

Karaoke at Monterey – 2013

Karaoke 2013After allowing for some settling in and socializing, the leaders began pushing for performances, table by table. Everybody knows the drill by now, and some of the groups had even prepared in advance. They put on performances that went well beyond hamming it up in front of the mike and even wore attire that carried out the theme of the song "Short Shorts" comes to mind.

Some singing groups were larger than most and some were louder than most, but our favorites were the old? favorites like "New York, New York", "Take Me out to the Ballgame", "Amore", and our table's choice, "When the Saints Go Marching In". One very delightful performance by four men deserves special mention for a crack job of? "I'm Just a Gigilo".

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